Charles Keen

Dr. Keen has been involved in ministry for over 50 years. Upon graduation from Midwestern Baptist College in 1964, Dr. Keen and his wife, Mary, moved to Milford, Ohio, where he spent thirty-five years as pastor of the First Baptist Church. In 1973, God put it in the hearts of Dr. Caudill, Demarest, and Keen to start the Bearing Precious Seed (BPS) ministry. Other ministries were founded during his pastorate, including Milford Christian Academy and School of the Scriptures, a college for training ministerial students. In 1999, God began to move in Keen’s heart to start First Bible International (FBI) and he resigned as the pastor of FBC of Milford. The purpose of FBI was to get the Bible to the billions of Bible-less people primarily in the 10/40 window. Dr. Keen led in the translation of the Mongolian New Testament which was completed in January of 2017. He is currently working on the Old Testament in the mother tongue of the Mongolians. Dr. Keen has authored three books, Thinking Outside the Box, He is Worthy, and the Unpublished Word Journal.

Kim Ketchum

Kim Ketchum had the privilege of serving at Milford Christian Academy for 15 years as administrative assistant, teacher, and then elementary principal. In the spring of 2017, she followed God's leading to pursue a teaching license as an intervention specialist, with the goal of obtaining employment in the local public school system. Kim has a heart for struggling learners and a passion to shine the light of Christ to her students. She is currently employed in a program where she teaches students who struggle with significant mental health needs.

Elijah Ketchum

Elijah serves as a Pastoral Apprentice at First Baptist Church of Milford. He has been serving at First Baptist Church since 2013 and has been involved in a variety of areas including the Youth Ministry and Media Department. He is happily married to Lauren Ketchum, who serves alongside him in the Youth Ministry and also serves in the Media Department at First Baptist Church.

Corey Knopf
Youth Pastor - First Baptist Church of Milford

Corey had the privilege of growing up in the First Baptist Church of Milford, where the Lord called him into full time ministry. Upon graduating from Pensacola Christian College in 2009, he was led by the Lord back to Milford, where he has been heavily involved with the youth ministry. He currently serves on the Pastoral Staff at First Baptist Church of Milford as the Youth Pastor. Corey and his wife Kelly have two children, Brinlee and Maddox.

Susan Knudten

After ten years as a special education teacher, the Lord led her and her husband, Eric, to homeschool their two daughters, Megan and Emily. Susan has taught in the primary department of Master Clubs since 2005 when her family joined First Baptist Church of Milford. She is thankful to God for the privilege He has given to her family to serve at our church in the Puppet and Children’s ministries.

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