This year’s conference theme is “Go Forward”. I am writing this blog to challenge women to move through the great door of opportunity God has put before them. God has a great opportunity waiting for each and every person in the world. For the lost person that does not know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, it is a great door of opportunity to truly know Him and accept His free gift of salvation. For the Christian, it is a great door of opportunity to carry out the plan and purpose that God created each one of us to do in this world. It is amazing that no two people have exactly the same plan from God. It is so exciting that God loved us so much that He created a plan for each one of us.

Good is the biggest enemy of great!

The question we must ask ourselves is, what great door of opportunity has God put before each one of us? Remember, there are good opportunities and great opportunities. Good is the biggest enemy of great! My desire is to be a true follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. As I travel this journey to examine my own life, I ask myself, does God hand out great opportunities because of my talent or my goodness toward Him? Is great opportunity limited to geographical location? Is it because of what family God gave me? Or is it determined by the local church I am a member of and attend each week? As I ponder these questions, I realize I have to ask God to search my own heart and accept the truth of His revelation. What a humbling experience!

People through the centuries have made great contributions for the Lord’s work. What made them to have great influence, great power from the Holy Spirit, and a great impact for the cause of Christ? First, we must determine what God says is great in His work. The disciples themselves asked Jesus, who was the greatest? Matthew 18:4 “Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven”. It is astounding that God would want to use sinners to carry out his work in this world. True greatness begins with God! True humility toward God is the greatest attribute. It’s not about me, it’s all about God! Easy to say, very hard to live! I believe there are four Bible truths we can engage in our life so that our Great God can work through us to accomplish great things for eternity.

Four Biblical Truths

  1. We must give the Gospel.
  2. Living a life of clarity with the passion God has given us.
  3. To have high expectations for the Lord’s work.
  4. Our goal must be to glorify God in all things.

I will be speaking on these Biblical truths in detail at the Leading & Loving conference this year. My earnest prayer is that we, as women, go forward in faith to be great for God in our homes, local churches, and communities which would result in revival across America that we desperately need!  I look forward to seeing you as we take a journey through the door of great opportunity.

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