As I enter my sixth year in administration, I have interviewed many families interested in enrolling their children at our school. Over the years, most families have asked the same types of questions during their interview and tour of school. The most common questions were regarding academics, spiritual emphasis of our school, and athletics. These questions have not changed, but now one new question is asked more than these, “how will the school protect our students?”

School security is now the most asked question I receive from new families looking at our school.

School security is now the most asked question I receive from new families looking at our school. Every day I ask the Lord to protect our school and to build a hedge of protection around it. During my time in God’s Word, He led me to the book of Nehemiah. We are pretty familiar with this passage as Nehemiah was broken at the state of Jerusalem. As pastors, administrators, and teachers we must make sure our “walls” are secure.

I observed five things from Nehemiah’s leadership that I believe we can apply as leaders in our schools and churches regarding protecting our congregation and/or our students:

  • Building walls requires involvement of others in the process. It is interesting that Nehemiah chapter 3 gives a record of those in the building process.
  • Building walls requires leaders to listen.
  • Building walls requires leaders to beseech God.
  • Building walls requires leaders to review the need.
  • Building walls requires leaders to rally the forces.
  • Building walls requires leaders to resist opposition.

During the Loving and Leading Conference, Go Forward, I will be teaching a session entitled, “School Security: Protecting by Faith and Facts”. I would encourage not only administrators and teachers to attend this session but also pastors. We cannot wait until something happens before putting a security plan in place for our congregation and/or students. Do you know your state law and if it is required for your school to practice security drills? We will review the state law in Ohio regarding intruder drills and what schools must do to be compliant. We will also instruct our delegates on how Milford Christian Academy implements our security plan and how we work with our local law enforcement.

In closing, let us be like Nehemiah as he told those men with him, “…Let us rise up and build. So they strengthened their hands for this good work.”

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