Rom 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

How much do you think about how important the Word of God is to others? Many times we have it, read it, and obey it to the best of our ability, or do we really? What if you were never exposed to a copy of the Word of God in your language? Would you want someone to get a copy to you? Now really think about that question. If you did not know about the Word of God and had never heard about it, would you be hoping someone would bring it to you? We know what they need, it is our responsibility to get it to them, they cannot know unless they are given the opportunity.

If you did not know about the Word of God and had never heard about it, would you be hoping someone would bring it to you?

In 1973, First Baptist Church of Milford started printing the Word of God. Since the beginning there have been 174,200,000 copies of Scripture printed and distributed around the world from the location in Milford, Ohio. It is estimated that 7 people will have the opportunity with each copy that is printed to be able to read God’s Word. That being said, 1.2 billion people have possibly come in contact with the copies that have been printed and sent out from here. We believe it is the church’s responsibility to take care of the Word of God and to produce it. In the same amount of time, there have been an estimated 1.74 billion abortions worldwide. The world needs the Word of God in order to come to a saving knowledge of Christ. I think often of the missionaries that are proclaiming God’s Word around the world, and then for whatever reason they must leave the country; if the Word of God is there when they leave there is still hope for those people.

We have been able to partner with many churches across the country to produce as many Scripture as we have up to this point. We continue to need more support for the press, more involvement in our Seedline ministry, more involvement getting translation work done for those that have never had a copy in their language. Paper for the press is our biggest need and we continue to do as much as we possibly can each year. God allowed us to print 12.1 million copies in 2017, and continues to allow the ministry to do more. Would you consider partnering with us in some area of the ministry, to reach others that may otherwise not have a chance to ever know the way to Heaven? Ways to be involved are: a one-time offering for paper, monthly support, involvement in the Seedline ministry, or assisting firstBible in getting Scripture to those that do not have a Bible in their language. It takes $37.50 per minute just for paper when the press is running. We have had folks give for one minute of paper, 10 minutes etc. God continues to allow us to print and distribute His Word partnering with others across this nation to reach around the world. We know what they need, but are we getting it to them?

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