Ty Thomas

Ty Thomas grew up in a Christian home in a family of 8 children. As a child, he was introduced to Master Clubs at his home church in Wiliamsport, Pennsylvania. Having the privilege to attend Master Clubs on a weekly basis, he enjoyed earning the badges as he studied God’s Word. On October 14, 1991, after talking to his pastor, Ty accepted Christ as his personal Savior. He surrendered his life to the Lord at the Bill Rice Ranch in the summer of 1992, and was led to attend Crown College of the Bible where he majored in Youth Ministry. Upon completion of college, the Lord led Ty back to his home church, Emmanuel Baptist Church of Williamsport. He served as an assistant to the pastor for one year in various ministries. Ty had the privilege of starting Master Clubs at Cranberry Baptist as soon as he arrived on staff, and the Lord has greatly blessed this ministry down through the years. Ty’s burden is to reach children with the gospel and to help them begin to grow in their Christian life.

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