Live Sessions

Room A


  • 3:00pm
    Bible Storytelling: Explained
    Chris Chavez
  • 4:00pm
    Helping the Child with a Learning Disability be Successful in Master Clubs
    Tammy Green
  • 5:00pm
    Balancing the Demands of Family and Ministry
    Charles Shoemaker


  • 10:30am
    When Young People Ask Hard Questions
    Scott Pauley
  • 11:30am
    Bible Storytelling: Demonstrated
    Chris Chavez
  • 3:00pm
    Getting the Next Generation to Keep Company
    Shawn Foster
  • 4:00pm
    Maintaining Control and Discipline of Children in a Group Setting
    Ted & Jo Mock


  • 9:00am
    Growing Young Converts- How to Organize for Growth After Salvation
    Howard & Jason Caldwell
  • 10:00am
    Ten Things Your Wife Needs in Order to Flourish in Ministry
    Charles Shoemaker
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