Edward Barclay
Associate Pastor - First Baptist Church of Milford

Edward entered full-time ministry in 2004 at FBCM. His role included running the children’s ministries of the church and developing material for Master Clubs. In 2011, the Barclays left the ministry in Ohio and moved to Loveland, Colorado to plant Hope Baptist Church. This storefront church has continued to grow and has enjoyed many salvations and baptisms, strong attendance, and steady growth. Before he left Hope, the church was averaging 204 per week and had a record day of 448. The Barclays have now returned to Milford where Edward is serving on the pastoral staff of First Baptist Church of Milford. Edward and April have four children, Hayley, Caden, Alayna, and Everly.

Alton Beal
President - Ambassador Baptist College

Alton was born into drunkard’s home near Yadkinville, North Carolina. Aside from occasional church attendance, he had few Christian influences. Around the age of 10, he began riding a van to church on Sunday mornings. Two years later, he accepted Christ as his Savior in his bedroom while reading a Gospel tract. At the age of 15, Brother Beal surrendered his life to Lord during the invitation of a Neighborhood Bible Time Crusade. Two years later, he sensed God’s calling to the ministry. Upon graduation in 1992, he enrolled at Ambassador Baptist College. Brother Beal’s call to evangelism was confirmed during his college years. He traveled with several college musical groups as a vocalist and preacher. In 1996, he came on staff at Ambassador as a dormitory supervisor. Later, he would become the Dean of Men. His experience in the Dean of Students Office has been a great help in his ministry to young people. In addition to his college responsibilities, Alton launched into evangelism in 1998. Being a gifted tenor soloist, he often sings in his meetings. His preaching opportunities have included revival/evangelistic campaigns, Christian schools, and Christian camps. He is now the president of Ambassador Baptist College and takes 20-25 meetings a year.

Penney Braley

Penney has served in various ministries within the church since 1993. Since 2007 that has included the scheduling of the nursery department.

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