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Thu, Nov 01, 2018
Location: MCA 12
The statement “every problem is a communication problem” is so true when it comes to the area of athletics. There is probably no way to over stress the importance of communication when it comes to running a Christian school athletic program. How you communicate internally and what you communicate externally will make or break your program. Administrators, Athletic Directors, Coaches, and teachers have to be unified in their schedules and message. Student Athletes and Parents have to be plugged in. A communication breakdown can cripple any activity and can cause needless conflict.
Thu, Nov 01, 2018
Location: FH Lobby
Take a behind the scenes tour of one of the most exciting buildings on the property. You will be able to see Bibles coming hot off of a Heidelberg Press. Discover the entire process of putting a Bible together from paper to press to being bound and shipped. Also learn how you can help ship Bibles around the world at no cost to the recipient.
Thu, Nov 01, 2018
Location: BB 230
Young people in our communities need to be reached with the gospel and their lives changed by the grace of God. This workshop will teach you how to get your young people on the offense and grow your Visitation outreach. There also will be instructions on how to involve the converts in your church and youth group.
Thu, Nov 01, 2018
Location: FH 3/4
Why should a child return to your class next week? Five essential ingredients to help build relationships with students which is essential to reaching the parents and strengthening the student’s relationship with Christ.
Thu, Nov 01, 2018
Location: BPS Volunteer
Discipleship=developing others for our assignment given by Christ. Challenges, methods and joys of Discipleship. Becoming and helping others to become all God has for oneself and others. What fruits, joys and challenges come with aggressive discipleship?
Thu, Nov 01, 2018
Location: FBC Aud
Attorney David Gibbs, Jr. will present a legal update for local church children and youth ministries.
Thu, Nov 01, 2018
Location: MCA 10
In order for learning to take place there must be a conducive environment. Managing the classroom effectively so that true learning can take place can be a great challenge for some teachers. There are a variety of techniques and strategies that can help create this effective classroom. This session will provide instruction to help the teacher better manage the classroom.
Thu, Nov 01, 2018
Location: MCA 7
Relationship is powerful. Through relationships we love, work, invest, and live. Christ came to this earth seeking relationship as He said, “I am come to seek and to save that which was lost.” Are you going forward for the Lord in your relationships with others? All of us understand that we must have a relationship with God, but consider your spouse, your pastor, and people such as your principal, staff, and students. What about parents? Attend this session to learn 5 biblical aspects that will help you lead through relationship.
Thu, Nov 01, 2018
Location: FBC 210
You don't have to be a Hollywood director to produce quality video content. This workshop explains very simple yet effective principles of production that will take your videos to the next level. Also, Must Increase Media is excited to present an early premiere our newest short film, Nativity, as part of this session.
Thu, Nov 01, 2018
Location: FH 2
The number one problem in the home is poor communication. In some situations, there is almost no communication, and in other homes what little communication exists is weak, negative, or inappropriate. As in all issues, the Word of God has the answer to the challenges related to communication.
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