Howard & Jason Caldwell

Howard & Jason Caldwell

Role: Evangelist - Seeing Truth Ministries

Jason Caldwell is the staff evangelist sent out by the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Winchester, Virginia. He has been in full time ministry for 20 years, thirteen of which have been as a full-time evangelist. In 2006, Howard and Jason started Seeing Truth Ministries. This ministry is an independent Baptist Church ministry dedicated to the propagation of the gospel, producing target programs for the local church and providing itself as an evangelistic and instructional tool in the local church. They offer Family Crusades, Vacation Bible Schools, Bus Promotion Sundays, Church Camps, Sportsmen’s Banquets with live birds of prey demonstration, Revivals, & Missions Conferences.

Howard Caldwell is the pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church of Winchester, Virginia. After serving for 42 years as a staff member, senior pastor and evangelist, Howard again became pastor, June of 2018. Lighthouse Baptist Church is the home of Seeing Truth Ministries.

Workshops by this speaker
Thu, Nov 05, 2020
Workshop Livestreamed While anyone can utilize a puppet, there is a huge difference between simple puppet manipulation and developing the right character and personality. The application of any message is only made crystal clear when a puppeteer develops the perfect character. All of a sudden the character goes from being good to great.
Thu, Nov 05, 2020
Workshop Livestreamed Learn how to ice the cake by adding different props, visuals, and effects to your puppet ministry. Combining great puppet characters with visuals such as common household items, homemade props, magic effects, lighting, and electronics can take your puppet program to the next level.
Fri, Nov 06, 2020
Location: FBC B10
Workshop Livestreamed Most children’s ministries realize the importance of spiritual growth after salvation. All would agree that eternal security, baptism, church attendance, daily Bible reading, witnessing, prayer, and giving are all necessary for a young convert to be firmly grounded in the faith. However, most churches do not see growth in their young converts. The reason for this is that most ministries pride themselves on being organized in this area, however the vast majority are not organized at all. In this class learn how to organize for growth after salvation.
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