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Thu, Nov 07, 2019
Location: FBC 222
Many churches today believe that the bus ministry was a tool that God used in the last century, but that in the present it is no longer relevant, viable, or effective in reaching people for Christ. The facts are that the Bus Ministry still works! God still blesses the efforts of His church to reach people through this valuable tool. Join us to receive information about “Bus Them In” – a ministry designed to help churches acquire buses free of charge!
Thu, Nov 07, 2019
Location: MCA 9
The ABCs are the building blocks of the English language. Come and learn the building blocks of Christian education.
Thu, Nov 07, 2019
Location: FBC Aud
Is it possible to reach the world from one central location? The college campus in America is a launching point to reach the world with the gospel. In this session we will discover the tremendous opportunity God has provided the church to reach international students on the college campus. We will explore practical means to engage, reach, and disciple international students.
Thu, Nov 07, 2019
Location: MCA 8
Gaining the student’s attention is the easy part. Keeping that attention throughout the lesson is often the difficulty. Learn techniques that set the atmosphere for learning as you teach students how to develop concentration skills that will last for a lifetime.
Thu, Nov 07, 2019
Location: Church Lobby
Take a behind the scenes tour of one of the most exciting buildings on the property. You will be able to see Bibles coming hot off a Heidelberg Press. Discover the entire process of putting a Bible together from paper to press to being bound and shipped. Also learn how you can help ship Bibles around the world at no cost to the recipient.
Thu, Nov 07, 2019
Location: FH 3/4
This workshop will address the importance and responsibility of parents and teachers to cultivate in children a love for all nations at an early age. The term “worldview” will be defined and the introduction of the term “little world Christians” will be explained. Discussion will include how the attitudes of influential adults shape our children’s perspectives, opinions, and affections toward other races, languages, and cultures. Practical solutions will be shared with teachers and parents in how to promote world missions through teaching, play-time, children’s literature, language, and music.
Thu, Nov 07, 2019
Location: BPS Volunteer
Teamwork has always been a significant and strategic component of God’s plan to reach the world. Jesus Christ formed a most unique team to whom He committed the gospel and to whom He gave charge over the early church! Depending on the size, maturity, resources, and philosophy of a given local church, a Ministry Team may consist of any or all of the following: staff, deacons, and lay leaders.
Thu, Nov 07, 2019
Location: FBC B10
For many of us, we have a plan for our family, our future, and our ministry. Often times, transition can come in and stop all of our plans. In some cases, it is extreme chaos that enters our life. Whether it is finances, health, grief, or many other areas of life, the chaos seems to overwhelm us. If we are not careful, it can distract us from our family ministry and our church ministry. In this session, we will discuss the chaos that can enter our life and learn from the Bible some practical ways that we can handle the chaos and transition that comes.
Thu, Nov 07, 2019
This is for the individual that desires to expand their teaching visuals to include puppets. In this class learn puppet resources, techniques and manipulation, how and why to choose a certain puppet. Learn how to correctly manipulate basic puppetry skills and advance to other techniques which makes your puppet come to life. Under use or over use of a puppet can have a negative impact in your program. Mystery and timing are essential techniques in a successful puppet ministry.
Thu, Nov 07, 2019
Location: FH 2
Nothing stirs the hearts of local congregations and Pastors quite like an Exciting Children's Choir! We teach our children that they need to serve God. The Children's Choir is a wonderful outlet for service and training for the future!
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