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Thu, Nov 04, 2021
Location: FBC B10
Having and using an updated database is essential to the successful follow up and growth of any ministry. This session teaches the why, the how, and the where to have a database.
Thu, Nov 04, 2021
Location: FBC 210
Is it possible to reach the world from one central location? The college campus in America is a launching point to reach the world with the gospel. In this session we will discover the tremendous opportunity God has provided the church to reach international students on the college campus. We will explore practical means to engage, reach, and disciple international students.
Thu, Nov 04, 2021
Location: FBC Aud
The constant struggle between family and ministry is both perplexing and draining. This workshop provides biblical and practical insights on how to achieve real balance!
Thu, Nov 04, 2021
Location: Fellowship Hall Lobby
Take a behind the scenes tour of one of the most exciting buildings on the property. You will be able to see Bibles coming hot off a Heidelberg Press. Discover the entire process of putting a Bible together from paper to press to being bound and shipped. Also learn how you can help ship Bibles around the world at no cost to the recipient.
Thu, Nov 04, 2021
Location: FBC B23
Learn how to teach children using “old school but not out-dated” highly effective flannel graph, integrated with visual aids and object lessons. These are great tools to help children remember the truths of God's Word, keep their attention, and ultimately maintain control of children of all ages. This session is a primer for “Proper Techniques and Examples of Using Visual Aids and Object Lessons in Children's Ministry”. Attend both sessions to receive the full impact of the training.
Thu, Nov 04, 2021
Location: FBC B24
Learn a step-by-step, clear, biblical method to lead kids to Christ! How do you help kids pray on their own to get saved? How do you help kids who repeatedly respond for salvation receive assurance? What are some great questions to help you streamline counseling? Attend this session and find out!
Thu, Nov 04, 2021
Location: FBC B14
Master Clubs, a children’s discipleship program through Master Ministries, is headquartered right here at First Baptist Church. Each year churches across the country contact us to learn about Master Clubs but much of this communication is done through e-mail or phone conversation. If your church is interested in starting a children’s discipleship program, or if you are seeking to switch from AWANA or another well-known program, please join Director Daniel Jessup for a very informative session that will give delegates answers to questions such as, “What makes Master Clubs different from all other children’s discipleship programs?” or “How can our church switch from our current program and use Master Clubs?” If you are at the LLC specifically for the Master Clubs training track then this would be an excellent session to begin your weekend!
Thu, Nov 04, 2021
Location: BPS Volunteer
Abuse is a scourge in our world today. Though churches have always had a heart to help the needy and suffering, abuse has often been an area in which more information and training is needed. In this session, Brother Foster will share some basic tools for helping to guide the abused into dealing with their abuse and finding healing in Christ. A few moments will be dedicated to explaining from Scripture the five (5) participants in every abusive situation and how to deal with them. This session is based upon the dissertation work that Brother Foster is doing presently.
Thu, Nov 04, 2021
Location: BB 230
Over the years, we started to notice a trend among the kids who rode in on our buses: once they hit 7th grade, they stopped coming. Because of this, we began praying about how we could continue to effectively minister to those children once they graduated from the Kids Ministry. Through a series of changes and opportunities geared specifically for the teenagers in our bus ministry, we have been able to see God do some amazing things! This workshop will cover how you can go from losing to leading the teenagers in your bus ministry.
Thu, Nov 04, 2021
Location: MCA 7
In classroom children’s ministry everyone of us needs to set boundaries – but are they right? This session will give you excellent ideas on appropriate boundaries that will ensure success. We will include such issues as “setting the stage” in the classroom and give good and bad examples of discipline.
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