FH 3/4 by Heidi Robinson
Workshop Livestreamed Opening the 10/40 Window is an exciting curriculum written by firstBible International to teach children about Unreached People groups in the 10/40 Window. The sessions will be a demonstration of how to present the curriculum in a classroom context. The curriculum is based on the Zhuang people of China. During the first hour, we will introduce the Zhuang people, explore their geography, and learn about their religion. Each individual lesson is informative, interactive, and ends with a biblical worldview. The second hour we will learn about their culture and language. The culmination of the curriculum is called Language Day, giving the students an opportunity to share what they have learned with other students, teachers, administration, and parents. Over the past five years, we have been teaching this curriculum as a pilot program to the elementary students at our school (Milford Christian Academy). It has been greatly accepted and has motivated teachers and students alike to continue learning about their people group, actively praying for them. If there is one element you could add to your children’s ministry that would train biblical, mission-minded students for all levels of ministry, Opening the 10/40 Window would be it!
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