FH 5 by Debi Pryde
The possibilities are endless! The work is rewarding and the relationships built through a ladies' ministry are life changing. In part one we will learn how to build the kind of foundation that supports a thriving, successful ministry. The secret to the success of my rose garden (250 roses!) isn't in what I do AFTER the bush is planted. The roses flourish because of the unique way they are planted at the very beginning! The same principle applies to women's ministries of any kind. We will learn what crucial elements make the difference between future success and failure. In part two we will explain the nuts and bolts of building on the foundation, and talk about ideas that I hope will stir your imagination and lead to ideas of your own! We will be using a PowerPoint presentation and reproducible classroom handouts. Women who attend BOTH part one and part two will receive a demonstration gift.
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