Workshops with tag - Personal/Motivational Help

Thu, Nov 04, 2021
Location: FBC Aud
The constant struggle between family and ministry is both perplexing and draining. This workshop provides biblical and practical insights on how to achieve real balance!
Thu, Nov 04, 2021
Location: Fellowship Hall Lobby
Take a behind the scenes tour of one of the most exciting buildings on the property. You will be able to see Bibles coming hot off a Heidelberg Press. Discover the entire process of putting a Bible together from paper to press to being bound and shipped. Also learn how you can help ship Bibles around the world at no cost to the recipient.
Thu, Nov 04, 2021
Location: FH 5
I teach you, you teach your church. You teach other churches within 25 miles. This does not hinder your own church responsibilities. I will show you how. See all the materials, ready to go. You can be a "Change Agent" in your area influencing hundreds of teachers over the years!
Thu, Nov 04, 2021
II Kings 10:16, "And he said, Come with me, and see my zeal for the LORD. So they made him ride in his chariot." In so many cases today children and adults see our ministry presented in a passive presentation or an activity that produces carnal, short lived results with temporary emotional highs. A teacher or preacher with passion, zeal and a fervent desire to know God and please Him will produce a contagious environment where individual motivation and church wide involvement produces eternal consequences. The results of a Godly, passionate life are glory to our God, peace in our lives, and measurable results for the ministry.
Thu, Nov 04, 2021
Location: FBC B24
Bible translation? Church ministry? Sunday school? Transition? Missions? Church planting? Team leadership? Church finances? Organization? If you have a question relating to any area of ministry, we'd love to discuss it in this round-table Q&A workshop.
Thu, Nov 04, 2021
Location: FBC B23
Loyalty to leadership is a key aspect of successful ministry. In this session, we will discuss what a biblical mentality toward our pastor should look like, and what God wants from us as we follow our pastor's leadership.
Thu, Nov 04, 2021
Location: FBC 214
How is spiritual warfare fought? Where does the battle take place? This workshop is designed to help delegates better understand the nature of spiritual warfare; and in so doing, enhance their ability to live victorious Christian lives.
Thu, Nov 04, 2021
Location: MCA 11
In our current society the roles and expectations of men have changed. However, the Bible’s definition of a godly man remains the same. This session will address the issues that affect boys today and how mentors can work to develop character and skills to help them become godly young men.
Thu, Nov 04, 2021
Location: MCA 7
This class session challenges the teacher or a person in ministry to go take a serious look at three individuals in the Good Samaritan story, the Priest, the Levite, and the Samaritan. Jesus is teaching many very important principles in connecting with people that has a lasting effect!
Fri, Nov 05, 2021
Location: MCA 7
Ministry with others is built on relationship. How would you define your connection to the next generation? Is it Velcro or Cactus? Join us for this very informative session on the ministry God has given servant leaders to reach the next generation. If we desire to keep company, we must speak, act, and work with others within a biblical framework of connection.
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