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2023 General Sessions

General Session 1
Pastor Edward Barclay

General Session 2
Roger Pauley

General Session 3
Paul Thomas

General Session 3
Dr. Charles Shoemaker

General Session 4
Chris Chavez

2023 Workshops

Workshop 1 - Elijah Ketchum
Developing Teenagers to be the Church of Today

Workshop 2 - Dr. Charles Shoemaker
Equipping God's People for the Work of the Ministry

Workshop 4 - Dr. Charles Shoemaker
Five Keys to a Healthy Marriage

Workshop 5 - Abb Thomas, Dan Jessup, & Ken Quinlan
Master Clubs Q&A

Workshop 7 - Dr. Charles Shoemaker
How to Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Workshop 8 - Dr. Charles Shoemaker
Fourteen Principles of Highly Effective Families

Workshop 9 - Ed Dunlop
Bible Games & Balloon Sculptures