2022 General Sessions

General Session 1
Pastor Edward Barclay

General Session 2
Dr. Jeff Redlin

General Session 3
Ted Mock

General Session 4
Paul Thomas

General Session 4
Dr. William Duttry

General Session 5
Charles Shoemaker

2022 Workshops

Workshop 1 - Ben Everson
The Power of Music

Workshop 1 - Dan Jessup
Introduction to Master Clubs

Workshop 2 - Pastor Duttry & Pastor Barclay
Pastoral Transition Seminar

Workshop 2 - April Jessup
Master Clubs: Tips for the Secretary and the Club Office

Workshop 3 - Rhonda Damhorst
Master Clubs: Successful Tips for the Beginner Department

Workshop 4 - Edward Barclay
Caring for Your Family While Serving in Ministry

Workshop 4 - Dan Jessup
Master Clubs: 7 Tips to Make the Bus Ministry Work!

Workshop 5 - Charles Shoemaker
Seven Lessons Every Couple Should Learn

Workshop 5 - April Jessup
Master Clubs: Workbook Time for Primaries and Ambassadors

Workshop 6 - Debi Pryde
Mending Broken Vessels Shattered by Sexual Abuse – Part One

Workshop 6 - Dan Jessup
Master Clubs: Preparing for Regionals!

Workshop 7 - Debi Pryde
Mending Broken Vessels Shattered by Sexual Abuse – Part Two

Workshop 7 - Ryan Williamson
Master Clubs: Special Events

Workshop 8 - Charles Shoemaker
The Most Important Factor in Healthy Parenting

Workshop 8 - Susan Knudten
Choosing, Preparing, and Teaching Bible Stories Effectively

Workshop 9 - Ben Everson
The Power of Music

Workshop 9 - Susan Knudten
Reaching Special Needs Children

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