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2021 General Sessions

General Session 1
Pastor Bill Duttry

General Session 2
Johnny Pope

General Session 3
Dale Money

General Session 4
Paul Thomas

General Session 4
Keith Smith

General Session 5
David Corn

2021 Workshops

Workshop 1 - Charles Shoemaker
Balancing the Demands of Family and Ministry

Workshop 1 - Luke Flood
How to Build, Develop, and Maintain a Database for your Bus Ministry

Workshop 1 - David Corn
How to Lead a Child to Christ & Help with Assurance

Workshop 2 - Luke Flood
How to Properly Help Your Bus with Graphics and Promotions

Workshop 2 - Edward Barclay
Ask Anything

Workshop 2 - Ryan Williamson
Leadership Loyalty

Workshop 3 - April Jessup
Master Clubs: Tips for the Secretary and the Club Office

Workshop 3 - Ted Mock
Overcoming Challenges of Dealing with Children by Biblical Constants

Workshop 4 - Edward Barclay
Bible Translation: According to the Word

Workshop 4 - Jo Mock
Proper Techniques and Examples of Using Visual Aids and Object Lessons in Children's Ministry

Workshop 5 - David Corn
How to Teach and Give an Invitation to See Kids Saved

Workshop 5 - Luke Flood
Making Big Days a Big Deal on the Buses

Workshop 5 - Larry Quinlan
Opening a Child’s Heart to a Life of Missions Part 1

Workshop 5 - Shawn Foster
Loving and Leading Generations X, Y, & Z to Serve the Lord

Workshop 6 - Edward Barclay
One Conversation at a Time

Workshop 6 - Shawn Foster
Leading Out of Depression

Workshop 6 - David Corn
Reaching Youth in the Public Schools

Workshop 6 - Ted Mock
Maintaining Control and Discipline of Children in a Group Setting

Workshop 7 - Charles Shoemaker
Ten Things Your Wife Needs in Order to Flourish in Ministry

Workshop 7 - Luke Flood
Sundays Start on Saturday for the Bus Ministry

Workshop 7 - Larry Quinlan
Opening a Child’s Heart to a Life of Missions Part 2

Workshop 7 - Susan Knudten
Reaching Special Needs Children

Workshop 8 - Stacie Thomas
The Great Juggling Act

Workshop 8 - Luke Flood
Keys and Tips on How to Start a Brand New Bus Route

Workshop 8 - David Corn
Two Youth Evangelistic Events You Can Do & How to Organize from Start to Finish

Workshop 8 - Susan Knudten
Choosing, Preparing, and Teaching Bible Stories Effectively

Workshop 9 - Luke Flood
Visible Protocols to Protect From an Invisible Virus

Workshop 9 - Edward Barclay
Bible Translation: According to the Word (Digging Deeper)